Lord Salmalinzink

Fiction By Micheala // 3/13/2011

The shadows fell like rain filling the streets of a victorian London but on second glance it wasn't Earth. A boot black boy ran past, his tan cap wet with rain.  His ears pointed.

It was night in the land of the Fay and the rain toumbled down.  A tall dark shadow slipped threw the deserted streets.  His cloak pulled tight around him obscured his face.  He glanced back and forth to see if he was being followed before stepping into the shadow of a shop door. 

The bell on the door jangled softly as he shut the door behind him.  

"Sorry we're closed," the shop keeper mumbled not turning around as he swept. The dark shadow stepped closer to him.

"Don't you remember an old friend?" The shadow asked. The shop keeper stiffened as he felt a revolver poke into his back.

"Come on what have I ever done to you?" The shop keeper whined.

The dark shadow leaned forward and whispered in the shopkeepers ear. "You abandoned me in Saladorkaga!"

"That must have been horrid being traped in the prision named after you." The shop keeper growled.  The shadow jabbed the revolver barrel into the shopkeepers back.

"I've got a family now," The shopkeeper mumbled.

"The days when I wouldn't kill a man if he had a family are long over," The shadow whispered as a bullet went threw its heart.  The man fell backwards his long cloak whiping around his falling form.

A girl was standing on the stairs lending up to the next story holding a smoking gun in her hand. Her long black hair curled around her school uniform. (Her hair had a single pink strip dyed in it.) Her misty gray blue green eyes glinted beneath her long eyelashes.  

The man on the floor blinked and rose gracefuly to his feet like a predator dispite the blood on his chest. The girl stepped back, "Who are you?" She looked at him warily.

The man dusted off his chest and replied, "Lord Salmalinzink! To whom do I have the plaesure of speaking?"

"Kei Aesire," she stepped back again. He was younger than before. He looked only a few years older than her.

"I knew your father here back when he was younger when he went by Amilicar Bond but thats not your real name is it Aine Aesire?" Said the man.

"He is not my father, he is my half brother," Kei Aesire replied.

The man glanced back and forth between the two. The shopkeeper turned, "Who are you?" He asked quizicaly.

"Lord Salmalinzink," Lord Salmalinzink murmured looking nerviously at the shopkeeper.

Kie Aesire looked at him pityingly, "Lord Salmalinzink is dead. He died with my grandfather Aine Aesire in Saladorkaga."

"Then who is this?" Lord Salmalinzink pointed at the shopkeeper.

"My half-brother Drywyn Sohvi!"

"Then why did you say 'That must have been horrid being traped in the prision named after you?"

The shopkeeper turned, " Come on 'Mystious stranger' I was being sarcastic."

"But it was named for me it realy was." Lord Salmalinzink replied nerviously.

Kie Aesire said pitingly, "Its over two hundred years old."

Lord Salmalinzink replied, "But, but I helped design it,  I did..."


Poor Lord Salmalinzink

It is just to much fun to torture villians:)

Micheala | Sun, 04/03/2011


This was delicious, Michaela. The whole scene, the way you set it up, the sentence: "it was night in the land of the Fay and the rain tumbled down."...

I enjoyed it.

Mary | Sun, 04/10/2011

Brother: Your character should drive a motorcycle.
Me: He can't. He's in the wilderness.
Brother: Then make it a four-wheel-drive motorcycle!

Thank you!

I'm glad you like it.  I nearly lost it becuase my computer acted up when I posted it and I hadn't saved a copy. But then it showed up on ap and I was so relieved. 


villians are just fun.

Micheala | Tue, 04/12/2011


Sorry It took so long for me to get to his lordship! But this was interesting! Confusing, cause I have no idea who Lord Salmalinzink is... (And no offence, I can't pronounce his name correctly either! Shh! Don't tell him that! He might come after me in my sleep!)

LOL! Loved it! Very creative, and I'm glade it didn't delete! found a few spelling errors, but who am I to judge spelling! LOL! I can hardly keep up with it myself! hehehehe!

LOVED THIS!!! Awesome!

Okay... Any more of him? Please say you've writen a whole book on him! PLEASE! LOL!

Great job!

Write on!

Kassady | Fri, 05/20/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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