A Riddle Poem and 2 Short Stories: writen by me about four years ago

Fiction By Micheala // 10/3/2011

 I'm so behind on all my writing. So I decieded to post some older stuff that I had on Teen Ink too. I wrote them about four years ago what is interesting is how my writing style has changed.





"I wrote this piece for a writing class."

Ocean Dweller not a Fish

Slipping sliding
Swiming diving
Grey skin glistening
Eye twitching

Flipping dipping
Slurping chirping
Flippers flapping
A path so winding

Glinting gleaming
Shining dining
Teeth so glistening
Animail fishing

I am not a glinting
Glistening cod fishing
Fisherman sliding
Down a deck so slipping

My children are milk drinking
Carnivorous swimming
In the sea so glistening
So shining

I wrote this piece for a writers guild meeting.

Once upon a time...
There was a poor girl who lived on a fishing boat. She told stories that would enchant the crowds. This is but one of those stories.

The king and queen of a certain land had a son. His name was Charmion. He was brave. He was handsome, he had everything a prince should have except a princess. All the girls of the land adored him, so it shouldn’t have been so hard to find the perfect Princess. Elvira the wild was a beautiful girl who lived in a thick forest on the boarder of the Kingdom. One day Charmion was hunting in the forest when his horse suddenly bolted. Tree limbs quickly swept him off his horse. When he came too a pair of green eyes stared into his. “Who are you?” he asked. “I am Elvira.” She replied
later that day the missing prince walked up to the castle door. His parents were so happy to see him that they had a painter paint an oil painting of him. His parents did not know what to talk about with Elvira the wild though. “There is popcorn in the candy bowl if you are hungry” said the queen as she knitted socks for Charmion. “No thank you.” Elvira replied as she stared wistfully out the window towards where Charmion was riding his horse. She had never been comfortable inside buildings. She knew she stuck out like a sore thumb. Suddenly a page brought a letter to the king. “Guards come quickly!” Yelled the king after reading the letter though. “Arrest Elvira, on a charge of high treason.” Well Elvira was not the type of girl to faint, she was the type to run. She jumped though the open bay window. She ran past Charmion, fear drove her, to easily out distance his horse.

the King told his son to forget her because she was the daughter of their sworn enemy.
But He did not listen to his father’s advice. That much is known but then they disappear from legend, and myth like a ghost.




"This one I wrote just for fun"

The Dragon Prince

It was a dark and foggy morning when she left her aunt's house. The time was half past five. She loved her aunt she truely did but life with her and her aunt's new husband had become unbarable. Not to mention his plans to marry her off to a stranger named Draco Flames.
So she had packed her bags last night and left this morning. She was eighteen and so of legal age to seek her fortune. Her parents had disapeared two years ago never to reapear. They had left her little more than the clothes on her back. They had been poor folk but she missed them.
She strode down the road hoping not to be beset by bandits for she had no way to defend her self. The thick woods crowded the road making a perfect spot for an ambush so she hurried past. She had always been told never to stray from the road for the woods were filled with unspeakable evils and bandits. There were rummors of rogue wizards, enchanting streams, and dragons. She glanced into the underbush and saw a bare human foot. She wanted to screem but she tightened her lips. She slid her eyes up the foot belonged to a bandit.
The bandit stepped out infront of her and cockily smiled. "Hello lady give me your bag and I'll count it as your toll for walking on my road," said the bandit.
"But sir it is all my worldly possessions," she replied.
The bandit smiled. "That's the point." He reached for it and she had no choice but to give it to him.
"Good girl now go on along your merry way," he added.
So she was forced to continue her way without food or water. She walked all day and cried some too becuase she was so hungrey.
When night fell she curled up at the base of a tree and quickly fell fast asleep.
Suddenly she awoke there was someone coming down the path. Was it a friend, foe, or disintrested crone? Probably after this mornings encounter she thought a foe.
So she crept away from the road into the forest! The forest she had always been warned to keep out of.
To be continued in The Dragon Prince 2!


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