Who to ask to tea

A Poem By Mikaela Grace // 4/24/2015

If I could ask a fictional character over for tea,
Who, you might ask, would it be?

I’d have a hard time deciding,
Maybe I’d ask for the girl who went riding,
With the little red hood,
But then, would that be any good?

Pinocchio would be rather quaint,
Dressed in little real clothes not paint.
To watch his nose continually grow,
Now that would be quite a show!

To pour tea for Belle and Alice,
And ask to see Belle’s pretty palace,
I wonder what she would say,
Now that would be the day!

To invite the Mad Hatter,
Now that is another matter.
For his manners are different,
And his teapots magnificent!
But would Mother approve,
Of his strange new groove?

It is a hard question,
But I think I’ll make an exception;
That you needn’t ask just one for tea,
But ask at least three!
It is fun to choose,
So put your feet in my shoes!
And start your invitations,
And enjoy the celebrations.



This was so whimsical! It got my imagination whirring!! Makes me want to write my own....thinking about who to invite for tea. Thank you for the fun trip into fantasy land. Your rhyming was great, too. Keep writing!

Sarah Bethany | Thu, 08/27/2015

Oh thank you! Getting a

Oh thank you! Getting a comment from you is really nice and encouraging :)

Mikaela Grace | Mon, 08/31/2015

Do Justice//Love Mercy//Walk Humbly


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