Gas Station Scene

A Poem By mkowalke // 6/24/2007

7:00 p.m. and it’s crowded at the cheap
gas station where drivers idle
away the minutes, the next
in line for fuel at $2.63 per gallon.

Tonight distraction lurks at
the pump—Short Mini Skirt Girl
with curly blonde hair
and a tight layered top.

The audience ogles, guys
covertly, women overtly, all eyes
on the frayed hem of her
hip-hugging denim skirt.

No more of a peep-show than
that—hum-drum returns as
Short Mini Skirt Girl hops
into her convertible and drives off.

One thought lingers in the
darkening air, the meaning
dependent on gender or orientation:
could I get away with that?


I really enjoyed this!

I really enjoyed this!

Christa | Wed, 07/11/2007


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