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06/01/2007 That was beautiful... by Edith Dreams
05/28/2007 Wow by Sarah Impenetrable
05/27/2007 Strange by Anonymous I Love You
05/26/2007 Wonderful Work! by Elizabeth Impenetrable
05/25/2007 incredible! by Elizabeth Look to the West
05/24/2007 That's darling... by Aisling April, Unexpected
05/24/2007 wow by Aisling Impenetrable
05/21/2007 Wonderful by Anonymous On Life and Love
05/20/2007 poem by Anonymous April, Unexpected
05/20/2007 Beautiful by julesyim Impenetrable
05/19/2007 Your writing has... by Anonymous Ineffably Precious
05/17/2007 Nice! by Anonymous April, Unexpected
05/10/2007 I like it! by Ben Lost and Found
04/30/2007 WOW! by Matthew Chandelier
04/29/2007 Good story by Anonymous Chandelier


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