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An Essay By Nick // 12/1/2007

how would you feel if you got sent to a foster home without knowing why?get arrested because you were associated with a group that caused trouble, even if you werent with them at the time? got in trouble because your parents or freinds thought you were doing somthing you shouldnt?
i think that kids and teens should have every right adults have. are we not all living, breathing, functioning human beings?do we not have the right to stand up and say that i am an american and i can do whatever i want to?
what about our parents. you know how they always said that you can make a difference?that you can do whatever you want to do?i have a perfect dad. i love him to death. he rocks. but i want to be a skateborder. and he doesnt like the subjects associated with skatebording. i always ask him if i can get one of those straight-brimmed hats just to be like everyone else. he hates them, so he said i said, ill love him till i die, and he is possibly the coolest dad ever.but he is holding me back from who and what i want to be.
now you might be thinking,"oh, thats such a lame, small example. this kid is whining over a stupid hat.". but im not. in the same way that a chiled may be denied his parents and taken to a foster home, i was being denied my future and steered down annother path.

what do you think?



well, Nick, your thoughts

well, Nick,
your thoughts are interesting, but as minors we must trust our parent's judgments on theses kinds of matters bcause they are our God-given authorities until we are of age.

Sarah | Sun, 12/02/2007

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!


Everyone disagrees on somthing or another with there parents.. But God does say to "obey your parents in the Lord for this is right..."
and there are lots of things I don't understand about them or what they say (and ofcourse that may make me upset/mad) . Somtimes they may say somthign just because) But my parents do some things so that I won't start acting the wrong way, wearing the wrong clothes. Talking disrespectfuly or saying the wrong things.
thats one reason why they want me to Not hang arond people like this. cause after awhile you do start to do those things unless your really stron genough not to. but hopefluly it will help us in the future.
they don't want us to act ike we're the world,.
mY parents acctually didn't really want us to wear certain hats too. or atleast with certain clothes.
so all parents do there thing....
things we may not agree with, ALOT!!

Velocity | Sun, 12/02/2007

The Truth will set you free.


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