Midnight Dance

A Poem By Ariel // 4/23/2009

When the sun sinks low
And the moon starts to show.
A figure will dance out of his cave in the park.
He’s set and he’s ready for the evening lark.
A sigh of his strings and a song in the night
Stirs the teapots that sit in the soft moon-light.

Every night they float out
At the ’Night Elf’s first shout.
Yes, late every night
When the moon shines bright,
The teapots will dance
Like they’re in a trance.

Slowly floating off the shelf
Toward the haunting song of the Midnight Elf.
Across the floor
And through the door
They dance to his song
All the night long.

Away to the meadow they dance and they sway
Like the flowers that do so during the day.
Puffs of steam and a haunting whistle
Start the song of their nightly epistle.
Then a figure joins them with pointed ears
Who’s helped them dance away the years.

Standing in the middle of their dancing ring
Making his fiddle jump and sing,
Is the Midnight Elf.
He sings all day to himself
’Til the moon is shining without relent
Then patters he off to the teapot event.

In the center he stands
Making the music of the lands
They sashay around him
And give a bow at the rim,
Singing with their throats
To his glorious notes.

Around and around the circle they dance
Swinging and dipping as if in a trance
Then up from the sky comes the breaking of dawn
And they all scurry back across the lawn.
Up to the shelves they dance and float
Never making so much as a note.

The ’Night Elf is left in the grey morning light
To practice his songs ’til the next evening rite.
Away in his cave he sits with his fiddle
Wondering why strings are such a riddle.
The teapots that day will just sit and whistle
And remember their dance with a thrill and a tizzle.


I was wondering what that

I was wondering what that midnight music was... So that's where my teapot dances off to!
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Anna | Fri, 04/24/2009

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Whoa. :o I had no idea my

Whoa. :o I had no idea my teapot was having such amazing evening adventures!! I always thought its whistle was rather melodious.
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Sarah | Fri, 04/24/2009

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

Oh, it's lovely, de'r. I

Oh, it's lovely, de'r. I like the forth and last thingies best. I like the elf...can we name him Murphy? Or, Merlin? Or, how 'bout Octavius?

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The Brit | Fri, 04/24/2009


Thanks for the comments you guys:) I wrote this very late at night (for an assignment that was due the...next...morning *looks ashamed*) and I was having a hard time picking a subject. But it did turn out quite nice don't you think!?!?!?! :)
Brit-- No we can not name him Murphy...let's name him Bernard:) HAHA, wonderful name, eh?
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Ariel | Sat, 04/25/2009

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No no no. I object, Madam, I object! His name should not be... whatever you named him... it should be...be...be Cinnabar! Yay! That is the BEST name for that little elf.
BTW, nice poem, OFG!
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Kendra | Sat, 04/25/2009

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Wow. Amazing, OFG! Really

Wow. Amazing, OFG! Really awesome. I wish I could write poetry, but I really can't!


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E | Wed, 05/13/2009

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yes dear.

yes kendra i do think that is a wise name.

p.s. this is shubby

Anonymous | Fri, 05/15/2009

It reminds me of The Little

It reminds me of The Little Princess, when her Admirer, or whoever he's called, brought her stuff, and she knew that no matter how much hard work she had to do during the day, what happened the night before WAS real.

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Bridget | Fri, 05/15/2009

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This is beautiful. Wonderful

This is beautiful. Wonderful job.

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airlia | Sat, 05/16/2009

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