The Cheater

A Poem By paperpoet // 9/3/2010

Forgive me, I have failed you

The tears run down your face
I want to reach my hand up
And wipe them all away
But it was I who put them there
Me who broke your heart
I who sewed it up again
Just to rip it apart
Your face is marred by anguish
No laughter there tonight
I killed the flame I helped to feed
I put out your light
Baby, you were beautiful
What have I done to you?
Still enough to stop my heart
Your eyes a watery blue
Darling, I still love you
But how could you feel the same?
I took your trust and tore it
Like it was just a game
I cheated, but I didn’t win
Because people aren’t a joke
And it wasn’t one, but three
Bleeding hearts I broke 


Those last two lines are

Those last two lines are really great. Good job.

Leandra | Sat, 09/18/2010