Dark Light | 1/27/2009

Age: 29

Favorite word(s): Confiscate, Synical, night, Cardiovascular

Status: Homeschool Graduate

Who am I?

Greetings and Salutations. My name is Rachel. I'm a homeschool Graduate and I am currently attending my first year of College. I love writing. I don't realy know why. I just love it. The way i see writing is differant than the way alot of people see it. Most people think writing is a ryming poem, words on a page, or song lyrics. Writing to me is an art form. Writing is what a person uses to express his or her self. Their troubles, fears, joy, tears, laughter, everything they are feeling comes out through their writing. It is facinating to see what some people write because you can see how they feel. I tend to write things about spring or bright things when i'm happy but dark and deppressing things when i'm sad or down. But i am an odd person. I have a odd style. I'm Gothic and even though in my eyes somthing might be happy in somone's eyes who dose not get the meaning of my poems and writing works might think them deppressing. Okay, enough about my writing, Another passion in my life is music. Music is also an art for to me. The writing in the lyrics also the tune of the song and the strum patterns expresses so much about the writer. My life bassically revolves around music. I love it so much. If i didn't have music i don't know what i would do. Probably go insane or cry. Haha...okay, maybe not cry. But it would be very hard for me to give up my music. The last Passion in my life is art. Drawing is my favorite past time. I like lisening to instrumentals and drawing a scene to the music. If it's deppressing music i migh draw a lonely little girl sitting under a tree hopeing that she will finally get noticed and be asked to play with the other kids. If the music is happy i might draw the little girl playing with other kids or a newly wed couple dancing at their reception. I just love to draw and do it every chance i get. Well i think thats enough about me. I will go now and write somthing that i can post. Until we meet again, Arrividerche


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