Requiescat In Pace

A Poem By Raen // 6/11/2009

His time was slowly waning,

His life, his worldly journey

now fading.

He was passing into Shadowland.

Visions of his past,

Times he thought would never last,

haunted him,

Now that his eyes were open.

Grief hunted him,

Pain consumed him

completely now.

What had he accomplished?

A Godly fear took hold

of this man, weak and old,

now dying.

And he begged for Love.

Sorrow replaced his dread,

Complete trust now wed

the aching heart.

His eyes turned to the Cross.


How Thou wert tortured!

In Thy agony

Is also mine.”

The Dark Night now passing,

The Gentle Sleep now lasting

on his sultry brow.

His soul departed eagerly.

Beauty transformed his face,

The lines and years erased

in seconds

As though they'd never been there.

And on his stone, carved down deep

Were the words:

“Rest in Peace”,

For he had loved aright.


Lovely job, I could see

Lovely job, I could see everything very vividly :)


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E | Fri, 06/12/2009

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