An Essay By Raen // 6/22/2009


I'm learning how to say it, feel it, breathe it, live it. Up until now ("now" is another word that has been infiltrating my vocabulary), I was all about tomorrow. Yesterday was something that I look back on it, yesterday was painful because I was too busy chasing after tomorrow.


Now I see that our God is a God of the Now, the God of Today. Because He is not bound by time, he is the God of the Now.

Do you see how comforting that is?

I remember yesterday. It is bittersweet, like the dark coffee that I'm sipping between sentences. I dream about tomorrow. It dances before me, illusive, like the rays of sunlight being deflected by the leaves on the trees in front of my window. But...I breathe in today. Every second is real. I am not God. My life comes to me in moments - little pieces at a time, like a baby's first solid food. I will never be able to live it all at once. If I attempt to, in this mortal body, then I risk my happiness.

Be still, my soul. You still worry? Look to Him, and tell Him. He has died for you, not just as your friend, but as your lover. He has given you His mother, He has given you Himself, completely and totally. Are you still worried and afraid of what the future can bring? With all the power of this divine Lion of Love and Truth besides you, you would fear a house cat?

"The Lord knoweth all knowledge and hath beheld the signs of the world. He declareth the things that are past and the things that are to come, and revealeth the traces of hidden things." - Ecclesiasticus 42:19

"Cast all your anxieties upon him, because he cares for you." - I Peter 5:7



Being content with today, and not hingeing all my happiness on what happens tomorrow was not an easy lesson to learn.

You've written a lovely, truthful, thoughtful peace that encourages me to remember to live TODAY, and not waste time daydreaming about tomorrow.

Thank you, and well done.

Abbie | Wed, 07/01/2009

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in't." ~Pelonius in "Hamlet"


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