Alphonzo: biography of a star, and Frank the Singing Eel.

Fiction By Renee // 11/10/2010


Alphonzo the star: originally written for The Brit

well. once upon a star, Alphonzo was born unto his dear parents

who lived in the milky way galaxy

Alphonzo was a naughty child, he loved to sneak up on the older stars and throw ice cubes at them!

so one day, the head star got very angry! he ordered Alphonzo to leave the galaxy!

Alphonzo was devastated! He loved his childhood home!

so he packed up his bags and headed off in a random direction

which happened to be the wrong direction

and he ended up......... in a black hole!

but, the black hole turned out to be not so bad after all. It was spacious, and had lots of little shiny things floating around in it.

But alphonzo was discontent, he liked having other stars to play with.

So he explored the hole, looking for a way out.

and one day, after many long years of wandering, he find a crack!

and he slipped out!

It was a most joyous day for him!

he danced and skipped and shouted!
 he was so excited to be out in space again, that he decided to become an astronomer.
 He went to college and became very well educated.

oh yes, and he became a most honoured star citizen, and won many scholarships

so he lived the rest of his days studying the universe, and that's still what he's doing today.
 the end! 

Frank the Singing Eel: By Alecia and myself.
once upon a time 
there was an eel named frank 
and frank liked to water skii 
but none of the other eels did, They liked to sing! 
so Frank would water ski all by himself....and it made him very sad, when he heard the other eels singing 
because, you see, Frank coudn't sing 
he would try, and would try, and would try; but he just couldn't do it 
all the other eels made fun of him! 
and laughed and mocked poor Frank 
so one day 
Frank decided to go on a quest to fin someone ho could help him sing 
he left all he had ever kown, and took to the high water 
with all his wordly posetion 
I just had a brain freeze 
He was swimming sadly along, when suddenly.... 
out of no where popped the amazing singing seal! 
scartch that 
the stupendous singing seal 
all better 
Frank listened from afar for a wjile, the seal's voice was so beautiful! 
he started crying at last, because he knew he could never sing as well 
but the seal heard him 
he swam up beside him and said "what troubles you, little friend? 
the eel, with tears in his eyes, answered "I cannot sing!" and burst into floods of salt tears 
The seal was deeply touched by this sorrowful show of emotion, and said " do cheer up, I know how to help you sing!" 
the eel stopped his crying. " you do!?" he said hopefully. "how?" 
"come with me," said the seal 
the eel followed the seal closely, afraid if he got to far behind, he would wake up, and find it all a dream. 
they swam about a mile, and came to the great coral reef 
it was beautiful this time of year. all the little fishies swimming about. Frank was quite awed. his mouth just opened and a song flowed forth into the coral. 
He gasped." I DID IT! I SANG!" and frolliced about, singing and dancing 
the stupendous singing seal glowed with pleasure at his own success. "now!" he loudly annouced. "go back to your eely friends." 
"I will! I will! Sang Frank. "oh glorious day!" 
so he swam back home, singing all the way 
so happy was he, that he completely forget where he was going, and soon ened up in the big city 
huge sharks and rays swam about! So many fish! Frank was frightened! 
(are my messages getting through?? they're not showing up for me) 
um no I guess 
we'll try again 
he was so frightened that he was directly into the line of traffic and was run over 
ahh much better 
poor frank 
yes. it was very sad. 
thankfully, a kindly police fish saw, and hated the traffic! 
*halted!!!! ahahha 
Frank was quickly,, but carefully removed. 
and taken to the local hospital 
Frank lay in the hospital bed," I wish I had never left home! "he miserably thought 
but alas! it was too late. wis has he might, he'd left home, and knew not how to return....... 
after many weeks of lying painfully in bed, he.... 
realized that he shouldn't be sad! He should be happy! So he started to sing! 
and he sang, and he sang, and he sang. and all the hospital staff and other patients heard him. they were in awe of his magnificent voice! 
the other patients were so happy and awed by his singing, that they jumped up and started to sing along! 
soon the whole city started to sing. and the singing spread, and it spread until it reached his home town 
where they regretted ever mocking him 
soon the whole ocean was singing! 
all the humans that passed by, heard the melodios voices of the fish of the sea. they were so awed, that would would stand for days on end to hear the beautiful music. 
and the whole world became more peaceful, because of Frank he singing eel. 
the end? 
THE END!!!!!





Best story in a long time, darling! I love it...


Ariel | Wed, 12/08/2010

"To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. No great and enduring volume can ever be written on the flea, though many there be that have tried it." -- Herman Melville


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