Beyond the Frosted Window

A Poem By Renee // 1/24/2011

There's a world outside the window
Beyond the frosted glass.
But Jack Frost has hidden it
with delicate ice, you cannot pass.
His crystal artwork hides the streams
And green turfed, ice capped mountains
Of a world of adventure
Kings, and queens, and golden fountains.
Strain to look, you might see through
And catch a glimpse of a brand new place
Blink, and then it's gone,
All you see is snowy lace.
The sun comes up, and slowly melts away
all the icy patterns.
And with it melts
away the world.
so you can't
see it
All you see is your snowy back yard
In it's frozen, winter chill.
And you wonder where that world went
Beyond the window sill.
But someday, when you least expect
You just may find yourself 
In the world beyond the window.



I like the way it dwindles and then starts up again in the middle.. And now it makes me desperately long for snow (none here, nor ever will be).

Annabel | Tue, 01/25/2011

 Thanks! There are times when

 Thanks! There are times when I envy you people with no snow as well. haha

Renee | Fri, 01/28/2011