Invisible Girl

Fiction By Renee // 2/15/2011




The invisible girl watches girls with perfect make up and fashionable clothes chatting, giggling, and flirting with the guys.

She doesn't join them, she wouldn't know what to say, or do. She only watches, and wishes she was visible.
She sees someone else standing by herself. She tries to work up the courage to say hello, but the other girl goes to join the fun. She shrinks back into the corner.
Someone stands right in front of her, totally oblivious.
She quietly slips away and goes home. 
Picking up a magazine, she sees a quiz. "What kind of friend are you?"
Invisible girl sighs and watches a tear drop into her luke warm mint tea.
What if you don't have any friends?

The invisible girl decides she wants to be visible.
She spends all her money on new clothes, make up, and a haircut. 
She forces herself to talk loudly, giggle and flirt.
She boldly walks up and joins the conversation of the other girls. 
She wants to be accepted.
Invisible girl is now visible.
Visible girl is tired of being visible.
She is tired of being the same as everyone else.
She goes back to her old self, her real self. 
And stops pretending to be somebody else.
Her "friends" desert her, but she doesn't care, because they never were her friends.
She finds that she is more visible than when she was visible girl.
Because she is different again. 





So descriptive and well-written. :) 

Very true for many girls, I know, except it seems they don't have quite the amount of courage your "invisable girl" did to go back to her old, more natural, happier ways. I wish it was like this for everyone: just being themselves! 

Good job! 

Madeline | Sat, 02/19/2011

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

Very was almost

Very was almost like poetry. Beautiful : )

Clare | Sat, 02/19/2011