the residents of my refrigerator

Fiction By Renee // 12/24/2010

 Sometimes the most extraordinary things happen on the most ordinary days. Take last Thursday for example. I was home alone, and bored. My mother had gone on a errand of some sort, and taken my younger siblings with her. I was told to start making supper. I was about to enter the kitchen when I heard an odd knocking sound.

"tap tap tap tap"

When I went to the door, I found nobody there. Slightly annoyed, I returned to the kitchen, only to hear the same noise again. 
"tap, tap, tappity tap"
I rushed to the door, determined to catch whoever was playing tricks on me. Again, there was nobody. I waited around to see if whoever would do it again, but nothing happened. I again returned to the kitchen. I was about to open the refrigerator door, when I heard the knocking again. 
"Tap. Tap. Tap."
This time I was quite sure that it came from inside the fridge! Now, this revelation was rather frightening to me. It's not every day that you find something living inside your refrigerator. Unless, of course, you've been away for an an extended period of time, and happened to leave something in there. Well, I wasn't to keen to open the door and let whatever it was out, but alas! I knew I must get to the bottom of it! So I cracked open the door, and peered inside. The light came on, and after a quick glance around, I found nothing out of the ordinary. Laughing at myself my for my silly paranoia, I shut the fridge. While my hand was still grasping the handle, 
"Tap Tap Tap TAP"
I spun around, and yanked open the refrigerator door. Nothing but food... of course. Just as I was thinking that I might be going insane, I noticed that the asparagus was no longer held together with a thick blue elastic, but scattered randomly about the vegetable drawer. Thinking this was rather curious, I reached in to pick them up.
 Suddenly, a small asparagus jumped up and screamed "Leave us alone!"
I screamed and jerked my hand back. All the other foods rose up and opened their eyes. (they have eyes???) and began screaming in little squeaky voices
"Stop opressing us!" 
"Let us free!"
"Let us out!"
"Big meanie!"
"Stop eating us!
"Viva la revolution!"
A fruitcake, shoved at the very back of the fridge began to cry. ( Wait, why was IT crying. Not like anyone would eat that thing...)
"I stared, my eyes popping out of my head, and my mouth gaping open. A cabbage stepped up and began what seemed to be a prepared speech,
"We, the residents of the fridge, have had enough of the mindless murder which the human kind refer to as eating. We demand rights and freedoms! We refuse to be used this way any longer! We demand to be set free. Free! Into the outside world! We will not wait in this prison any longer, awaiting our deaths!"
A fruitcake, shoved at the very back of the fridge began to cry. ( Wait, why was IT crying. Not like anyone would eat that thing...)
"Alright! Alright!" I cried. "I had no idea! All of you are free to leave!"
I opened the back door, and a long line of fruits, vegetables, and other food groups exited the fridge, and marched outside. The Christmas cookies I had baked earlier rose up cheering, and ran out the door.
I woke to the sound of the garage door opening, and a car door slamming. It was all a dream! I had fallen asleep at the kitchen table. Now mother was home, and I hadn't started supper! I opened the fridge, and looked inside. It was empty. Mom walked in. "Why haven't you started super?" She peered over my shoulder. "Where's all the food!?"
I smiled weakly, " Viva la revolution!"
Merry Christmas all!!!!!!



Viva La Revolution!

lol this is so original!! Funny thing is, as I was reading this, I was thinking how I had to go get something to eat.... Having second thoughts now. :) Well done, though.

Sar | Tue, 01/11/2011


 thanks! haha.. our refrigerator actually makes weird knocking sounds once in a while, and when we first got it, we would think someone was at the door.

Renee | Wed, 01/12/2011

Wow and LOL

Now what? How can we ever eat anything again without thinking of this? *laughs* I liked Renee, good story and fun inspiration.

Kay J Fields | Fri, 01/14/2011

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omg! FUNNY!

Oh Renee! This is halarious!!! Oh my goodness! That is so funny! Love the last line!

I like how she thinks that its a dream, but its not really! So its unpredictable!

This was really well done! Very funny!

Keep it up!

Write on!

Kassady | Fri, 07/08/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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