Rules for Usernames

First of all, welcome to Apricotpie!

We eagerly welcome new people to join us and share their writing.

Unfortunately, this site also gets a lot of fake, "spam" users.

In order to not be mistaken as a fake user, and so that your account request is accepted rather than deleted, please observe the following guidelines when you choose your username:

1.  Start your username with a capital letter.

2.  If your username contains two names (first and middle, first and last, etc.), put a space between them and capitalize the first letter of each.  It's OK to combine two names into one if it works (like Lorianne) but not if it doesn't (Johnsmith).

3.  If your name is a short phrase, captialize the first letter of every major word and put spaces between each word.

4.  Do not put numbers in your username, with the following exceptions:

a) It's obviously a pun (like Jump4Joy, but in such cases please capitalize the two words, even though omitting spaces in this case is OK)

b)It's an ordinal number, for example, SarahThe2nd, 3rdChance, etc.

Another note, while cute or clever phrases for usernames are allowed, you are highly encouraged to use your real name.

Here are some usernames that have been rejected as SPAM in the past:

lawrencxx, joelgibqo, francis15, paigech7w, marilynbz, brendapfj

Here are some usernames that have been accepted in the past:

Aalen Fideli, Wings of Eternity, Claire J., Breathing in the Light, Rachel W, Micheala

Finally, if there is a username you really want but are afraid you might be rejected, you can email me directly at

T James Boone at G mail dot com (but get rid of the spaces and replace "at" and "dot" with their respective symbols).

Now that you've read this, by all means sign up and join us!

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