Alone, Alive

Fiction By Arya Animarus // 7/8/2011


He's alone, lying on the floor, stretched across the doorway. His heart is just barely beating. He's numb, paralyzed. He can't move to call for help, his voice dies at the source. In a hospital, he would be called dead, though there is life still in him. in his mind he calls out for help, a savior to rescue him. He blacks out. When he awakens, the only change is that he is closer to the edge and the shadows are longer. His hearbeat dies away completely. His eyes close slowly. The door opens. A man comes in. Looking down, he sees the younger man. Lifting him, he carries him to a bed and strokes his hair. Whispering to the dying boy, he stands and leaves. The young man gasps and opens his eyes, breathing again. His heart thumps against his chest. He falls to his knees in the middle of the room and thanks the Lord for sending his guardian angel. He prays for salvation, and is therefore saved. Though the Lord could have left him, the Lord chose this to bring his son back to him. And now this young man has been rescued from more than death.



Sounds like this

Sounds like this could be the beginning to a new and really good story. Good job and keep up the good work, Sara!

Jackie West | Wed, 07/13/2011


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