Anthrozil, prologue and Chpt. 1

Fiction By Arya Animarus // 9/14/2011

This is a take off of Bryan Davis's books from the series' Dragons in our Midst and Oracles of Fire. Hope you enjoy!



Acacia pedaled her bike up the driveway of her house and walked it into the garage.  She hiked her backpack up on her back and walked through the door into the kitchen.

"Mom! I'm home from Sally's place!" she called out. She grabbed a notebook off the counter and looked around.

"Mom? I'm home!"

She thought she heard a noise from the living room.

"Mom? Are you in there?" she called, walking toward the living room. She pushed open the door and looked in. The notebook fell from her nerveless grasp.


She fell to her knees next to the form of her mother, lying in a pool of blood.

"Slayers!" Acacia growled. She knew what to do. She ran upstairs and grabbed a bag. She stuffed some clothes in, as well as a toothbrush, hairbrush and notebooks. she shoved five pencils, a pencil sharpener and a pen in and ran back downstairs. She grabbed the phone and dialed a number. A woman's voice answered.

"Hello? Foley residence. Ashley speaking."

"Aunt Ashley? Hi, it's Acacia. I just got home from a friend's house. i found my mom on the floor. Listen, you've got to spread the word. A dark knight is coming quickly. I've gotta call my dad."

"Right, you do that. I'll see you later."

Acacia hung up the phone, then picked it up and dialed again. As it was ringing, she heard a noise from the front hall. Hanging up, she crept for the door and peeked in. It was the slayers! Scooting back, she listened.

"We've already got the demon witch. Why do we need to come back?"

"Because the mongrel isn't back yet, and they have a daughter."

"So we wait for the girl and her father to get back and kill them?"

"Not at once. We will wait until this blood wears off, then we will kill the girl. It will be satisfying to see the effect it has on the mongrel to watch his daughter die."

Acacia grabbed her bag and her cell phone off the counter, then, pulling her backpack off, she shoved it in her bag and jumped out the kitchen window, taking off into the air.


Chpt. One

"Aaron? You up there?"

Aaron glanced away from his laptop.

"Yeah Mom!"

"Well, I need you to come downstairs! It's about Uncle Gabriel and Acacia!"

Aaron shut his laptop and headed downstairs. Acacia was his favorite cousin and best friend, even though they lived miles apart.

"Coming Mom!"

He slowed as he reached the bottom of the stairs. His mother stood with a hand on her hip and a tired, worried look on her face.

"Yeah Mom? What is it?"

I just got a call from Acacia. Slayers found their house and killed Aunt Shiloh. Acacia is going to call her dad and hopefully get out of there. But she told me to spread the word. A dark knight is coming quickly. You remember what that means."

"Yeah. The slayers are on their way."

"Right. I called Mr. Bannister and Sapphira. She and Elam are going to meet us at our secret spot. I want you to pack. We might not be coming back."

Aaron hurried back upstairs and started packing. when his parents were kids, there were slayers that roamed the land freely. Stories stated that the slayers had died, but once when they thought a slayer had died, he really hadn't, but that was because of the ancient witch, Morgan's, black arts.  If truly a slayer had found Acacia's house, there would be trouble. Aaron packed the nessecities and his laptop. He then dragged his backpack downstais. He heard his mom call from the kitchen.

"Go get your sister and tell her to pack! I'm calling your father now!"

Aaron went back upstairs and to his sister's room. He tapped on her door.

"Ellie? Can I talk to you?"

This was always the best way to start conversations with her. She was a spunky twelve-year-old girl with an attitude. You never could tell what was coming next with her.

"Sure! Why not? Everyone can come busting in when I'm busy! I'm having a crisis here!"

"Ellie, We're going to be leaving soon. Slayers found Uncle Gabriel's house and Mom says we need to leave or they'll find us too."

Ellie opened the door.

"They got Acacia?"

"No, they got Aunt Shiloh. I don't know what happened to Acacia."

"I would have thought you'd want to find out everything you could. I know you like her. I don't think you can marry your cousin, though."

"Aunt Roxil married her brother."


Ellie made a gagging face.

"Think of it!"

Aaron laughed and punched her playfully.

"Anyway, Mom says get packed."

Ellie stood stick straight and made an exaggerated salute.

"Right away Skipper!"

Aaron laughed again and headed back downstairs. Then he turned sober. He was glad Ellie would be there. They would need a laugh in the days to come.


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