Character Descriptions

An Essay By Arya Animarus // 9/6/2010

From "The Cost of Freedom"


Of medium height. Rather thin and wiry build. Short blonde hair. Blue-gray eyes. Small nose, kinda turned up at the end. Normal-lookin' mouth. Scar on right shoulder. Good with a sword. Afraid of death. *Ahem* Terrified of death. Hates slavery and innocent people getting hurt. Loves Estelle.


Petite. Long dark hair. Starry green eyes. Small, pointed nose. Full lips. Wonderful ability with herbs and medicines. Ace with bow and arrows. Feels like Jacob is as close to her as a brother.


Tall. Thin. Dark brown hair. Brown eyes. Slightly stubbed nose. Mostly normal mouth. Strangely pale skin. Hates being a slave and hates others being slaves. Tries to escape every chance he gets. Okay with a sword.


Close to five foot 8. Slender. Brown hair. Gray eyes. Glasses. Nose and mouth don't matter. A terrible klutz with a weapon of any kind. Secretly likes Estelle.


Tall. Medium weight. Dirty blonde hair. Clear blue eyes. Do I have to mention the nose and mouth? Expert swordsman. Close friend of Jacob's.


Slightly taller than Jacob. Brown hair. Gray-blue eyes. From now on I am not mentioning the nose and mouth. Jacob's brother.


Normal height for a 10-13 year old. Thin. Black hair. Dark brown eyes. Olive-coloured skin. Bonded friend of Jacob escaped from being an oar slave. Likes Jessi.


Tall. Skinny. Blonde hair. Blue-gray eyes. Jacob's twin sister.


Slightly shorter than Aidan. Kinda skinny. Dark brown hair. Blue-gray eyes. Jacob's younger sister. Likes Aidan.


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