A Poem By Arya Animarus // 1/21/2011

You are there, I see you.

In the corner of my eye,

In the shadow of the trees,

In the back of my mind, you linger.

A misty glimpse of what has been and what could be,

A spectre drifting in my head.

An image in the mirror that flees when I turn.

O, what haunting memories shall come before me,

Till I shall see your face again.

My dreams echo the sound of your laughter,

And every waking moment is filled with thoughts of you.

Distant, yet closely entwined is my heart to yours,

And never shall I forget you, nor your name.

Your face is everywhere I look.

The boy across the road, The young man up the street,

You are at every twist and turn.

My heart shall never let me desert the memory of you.

Shall lonliness and sorrow pierce the hours I wait for your return?

Nay, let it never be so,

For I shall be waiting ever joyful for you to carry my heart away with you.

Yet shall your face remain unseen?

You are all around me,

The walls whisper of your deeds,

And the very air carries the scent of your valor.

You are my strong fortress,

Let the lord of all the universe never be from our side.

For he is God.


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