Saving Shotan, Chapter two.

Fiction By Arya Animarus // 3/16/2011


Over the weeks she and Darrik became good friends. She met another girl named Shye, who completely lived up to her name unless she was really chummy with you. So Syng and Shye went almost everywhere together. They were absolute best friends and total comrades. They loved hanging around with each other and tromping through the woods to a creek and following it until it was time to head back and do all sorts of crazy girl things. They always had fun and never argued. Darrik was a good friend and was a good male point of view for debates. She argued with him a lot. But it was good-natured. One day after school she went to see her human. She was walking around with her when she accidentally moved out of sync, and Willow noticed. She ran to an alley and looked onto the ground. She patted where her shadow was and tried to figure it out. Syng came up off the ground to explain, knowing that it was time to reveal all about the lands, just in case, because of the prophesy. She told the whole story and they decided to wait for something to happen. The next day as Syng was walking home from school with Darrik, A man came up to them.

“Are you Syng and Darrik?” he asked in a gruff voice. Darrik nodded slowly.

“Yyees, Yes sir, that's us. Do you want something?”

“Just follow me.”

Darrik looked at Syng, then started to follow. Syng pulled him back.

“Wait, Darrik. I have this feeling. I don't think we should follow him. I can't explain it, but I don't think this is a very good idea,” she said quietly. Darrik took her hand and started walking again.

“It'll be fine. Relax. I've seen him talking with the principle. I'm sure he's all right.”

Syng gave in somewhat reluctantly.

“If you say so.”

They followed him to an empty warehouse and went in. He suddenly whistled and grabbed Darrik's arms. Darrik struggled.

“It's a trick! Run Syng!”

She screamed and tried to go, but a hand caught her arm. She saw someone hit Darrik and he fell to the ground. She tried to scream again when another hand clamped over her mouth. A dark mist swirled into her mind, and she grew faint. Without a sound, she drifted into unconsciousness. She came to in a stone cell that looked very medieval. She held her head and looked around. She saw a high grated window space and a door with a barred space for looking or talking through. also near the base of one wall there was a small space with bars, like a drain or something, that led into the next cell over. She shifted, then regretted  it. Her head throbbed like hammers were pounding on the inside of her skull. she moaned and held her head tighter. crawling with three limbs she made her way over to the space in the wall and looked through. She saw a dark form lying on the stone floor. it was frightfully still. She had a weird feeling that it was Darrik. She called through gently.

"Darrik? Can you hear me?"

He groaned and rolled over. His hands were tied, though why, she didn't know. He was unconscious and locked in a cell. Why would they bother tying him up? She called out again, much to her own discomfort.

"Darrik? Wake up. You need to wake up!"

Then she remembered her gift and thought that if it could make Gossyp scream, it could wake Darrik up. She whispered to him to wake up and he moved. He grunted and opened his eyes. His head pounded like a thousand rockets had gone off in his skull. He tried to reach his hands up, only to find them bound. He looked around and saw Syng peeking through the bars. He immediately rolled over to her, much to the protest of his already-aching head. He thrust his hands close to the bars.

"Can you untie them?" he asked shortly. Syng swiftly did so. He pulled his hands up and nursed the bump on his jaw. He sat up against the wall and closed his eyes.

"Where are we?" Syng whispered through the bars. Darrik shrugged.

"I don't know. I've never seen anyplace like this in Shotan."

Syng was about to answer when a fresh flood of pain coursed through her head. She winced and let out a cry of pain. Darrik immediately rolled back to the bars and thrust his hand through.

"Are you alright? What's wrong?"

Syng shook her head and squeezed her eyes shut. She slumped against the floor, grasping her head. Unable to see his friend experiencing such pain, he reared back and attacked the wall, regardless of his own headache. He grabbed the bars and pulled, veins standing out on his forehead as he strained. The bars suddenly snapped and came out in his hands. He threw them aside and scrambled through the space to Syng. He lifted her onto his lap and rubbed her head. He did his level best to help her feel better. They soon were both feeling much better as their headaches faded out. Syng (who could sing) sang something soft and put them both to sleep. They lay against the wall with their heads against each other as the breathed gently. Darrik had his arm around Syng protectively and she snuggled into his side, soothed by the feeling of his heart beating. The slept on, watched by unwanted eyes.




 Are they really sleeping together? It doesn't seem like a very good idea...

Jackie West | Thu, 04/07/2011


They're stuck in the same cell. Can you blame them? Besides, I thought she might need someone to lean on. Figuratively.

Arya Animarus | Sun, 04/10/2011

Oh for the times when I felt invincible.


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