Time machine.

A Poem By Arya Animarus // 2/15/2011


Oblivious to all around me.

Captivated by my story.


Lost in pages of memories.

Reading, seeing, reliving moments.


I'm running away from my future.

I'm fleeing back into my past.

I'm trying to get back my memories

That I took for granted before.


Back into the past I missed.

Even before I was born.

Seeing things and people who were lost before.

Now I hold te key in my hands.


Back into the past that was.

What I missed before.

Trying to get back to my heart

And redo things that were.


Now I'm lost and wandering,

I can't seem to find my way back.

Memories are haunting me.

I face them at every twist and turn.


Startled, I awake from my dream

And look down at the photo album in my lap.

I almost wish...but then I don't.

My future is worth looking forward to.


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