An Essay By Arya Animarus // 1/14/2012

Hi everyone! I thought about making a series. It will be called "Story Eyes." I got the idea from the story I'm working on now, Ice Eyes. And in the background, which I'm not posting until Ice Eyes is finished, is another story called Sea Eyes, which I know has been so over-used, but I'm using it anyway. The main arch through the entire series will be focused on the characters eyes and though it will be a story about people, it will mostly be focusing on descriptions and other forms of writing. consider it a test run. I hope you enjoy my fail at story-writing anyway! Thanks to all my faithful fans (if any) and those who read my stuff just for the fun of it. I might be posting more of Price of Freedom soon as well. See you later!




Sea Eyes is actually a pretty cool title, although I see eyes every day. XD

Gina I. | Fri, 08/16/2013

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