The Fairy and the King

Fiction By Sarah Anne // 10/7/2011



The Fairy and the King

The king's mother told the king,
“I have found a girl, as beautiful as a goddess! She is a paragon of beauty! Shall you marry her?”
“Of course, mother. Go and fetch this beautiful maiden to me!”.
So, the queen went to an old run down cottage with a little farm in the back and knocked. A dirty girl, who looked like she had just been working with pigs, came to the door.
“Yes?” she said.
“The king would like to see thee at once, thou paragon of beauty!” said the queen.
The girl was wondering why, but she went inside and cleaned up. Then she got her nicest clothes on and went with the queen.

So, when they got to the palace, the queen said,
“Go that way, thou paragon of beauty.”
And she pointed to a place, and the girl went. When she went in, the king looked upset when he saw her.
“The queen, my mother has lied to me; thou art not even as beautiful as a goddess, thou art no paragon of beauty, it looks as if you are a peasant! Go out, I will not marry thee!” Then he called for the queen and said,
“You said the maiden was even as beautiful as a goddess; thou hast lied to me, now I will not marry her!” said the king.
“Where is she?” asked the queen.
“I sent her away!” said the King.
“Oh, thou fool!” said the queen. “She wast a fairy!”
“Oh! Then fetch her back!”
So the queen fetched her, and the king said to the girl.
“Wouldest thou marry me, this fool? thou paragon of beauty?”
“No you fool!” she said and slapped his face. “But I guess I will!” she added.
Then the king said, “Too bad thou art not a paragon of beauty!”
Then, with a wave of the fairy’s hand, she turned so beautiful, that she was a paragon of beauty. So they lived happily ever after.




Welcome to Apricot Pie! :)

Hi Sarah! 

Welcome to ApricotPie. This was a cute story. It was really light and enjoyable read. Good job! I know fairytales don't usually dive deep into the depth of the character personality/background, but I'd love to know more about the fairy! :D 

-HomeschoolGirl (aka Homey)

Madeline | Thu, 11/24/2011

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

Thank you :)

Thank you!


Well, I might write more, but, I just meant it to be short :D

Sarah Anne | Fri, 03/23/2012

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In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths

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