Gaby's Christmas

Fiction By Sarah B. // 4/11/2009

Yes, I know it's not Christmas! Too bad! :) I wrote this short Christmas play last year, and completely forgot about it! Let me know what you think!


Gaby’s Christmas


(ANGEL CHOIR enters. They are whispering excitedly amongst themselves. The CHOIR LEADER moves to the front and motions for quiet.)

CHOIR LEADER: All right, everyone, let’s practice for tonight.

(He leads them through singing the first verse of “[Silent Night?]”. When they finish, he scratches his chin in thought, then shakes his head.)

CHOIR LEADER: Hm, that was good, but I don’t know… Something just wasn’t quite right.

ANGEL 1: (raising her hand) It could be because we’re missing a soprano.

CHOIR LEADER: Really? Who are we missing?

CHOIR: (in a bored, “who-else-could-it-be” tone) Gaby.

(Just then, GABY comes rushing in at full speed. She trips over her robe, drops her halo, but somehow manages to arrive in one piece. She is readjusting her halo when the CHOIR LEADER says:)

CHOIR LEADER: Well, there you are!

GABY: (flustered and out of breath) I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t realize we had practice until just a few minutes ago. I’m ready now.

CHOIR LEADER: I hope so. Let’s try our second song, everyone.

(CHOIR sings first verse of “[What Child Is This?]”. When they finish, Gaby looks rather confused.)

CHOIR LEADER: That one should turn out nice. Now, let’s - (GABY raises her hand. CHOIR LEADER sighs.) Yes, Gaby?

GABY: Um… I guess I’m just not understanding the words. What are we singing this for, again?

CHOIR LEADER: (astonished) You mean you haven’t heard what’s happening tonight? (GABY shakes her head. CHOIR LEADER turns to rest of CHOIR.) How about we take a little break? I think I need to fill someone in on a few things. (The CHOIR agrees, and exits - or at least goes off into a corner.) Come here, Gaby. (GABY and the CHOIR LEADER walk towards center stage.) You see, tonight is a very special night. It’s the first Christmas.

GABY: The first what?

CHOIR LEADER: (raising his eyes to - er - “heaven”) Gaby! Haven’t you heard about the prophecies? The Messiah?

GABY: Um, I guess I missed that meeting.

CHOIR LEADER: You must have missed the last couple thousand years if you haven’t heard about God’s plan! (pondering what to do) Well, there’s no time for me to tell you now - I have to get the choir ready. Tell you what, how about you go down to Earth for a few hours, visit around, find out what’s happening? That’ll likely make more sense than me trying to explain it all to you.

GABY: (unsure) I suppose… But where should I go?

CHOIR LEADER: You really did miss everything, didn’t you? Why, to the nation of Israel, of course! Especially near Bethlehem.

GABY: But why Be -

CHOIR LEADER: Just go and you’ll find out! (CHOIR LEADER exits.)

GABY: (to herself) Hm, those are kind of vague instructions. Visit? See what’s happening? (shrugs) Oh, well, might as well get started. I might want to bring a shawl, I’ve heard it’s cold down there this time of year. (exits)

(MARY and JOSEPH enter and walk across the stage. Neither are well-dressed, and both are shivering from the cold. GABY enters from the opposite side.)

GABY: Brr! I’m glad I brought my shawl, it is cold out here! And of course I would have to get lost… (notices MARY and JOSEPH) Oh! Hello there! Could you tell me which way Bethlehem is?

JOSEPH: (points in the direction GABY had come from) It’s over there. We’re headed that way ourselves.

GABY: Ha, I knew I should have turned left - ! (she notices that MARY is pregnant, and shivering. After a moment’s thought, she takes off her shawl and gives it to MARY.) Here, this will help keep you warm until you get there.

MARY: (smiling) Thank you for your kindness.

GABY: You’re welcome. (MARY and JOSEPH exit.) Such a nice couple. I hope they get to Bethlehem safely tonight. Well, where should I go now? (Just then, a group of SHEPHERDS enter.) Ah! It’s some of those, those whatchamacallits - shepherds! Maybe they can tell me what’s going on. Hello!

SHEPHERD 1: Hello, there! Come warm yourself by our fire!

GABY: Why, thank you! (they all sit down by the “fire”) Oh, it’s so warm. Those two travelers I just met could have used this.

SHEPHERD 1: You met more travelers? Bethlehem’s certainly going to be full tonight.

GABY: Why? Are there lots of people traveling here? What’s so special about Bethlehem?

SHEPHERD 1: Nothing special about it! But it’s because of that census that was ordered.

GABY: What census is this?

SHEPHERD 1: You must be from someplace far away if you haven’t heard of the census. Herod the king ordered that everyone should return to the country of their ancestors to be counted.

GABY: That seems like an awful lot of trouble.

SHEPHERD 1: Well, Herod and the Roman government don’t care about giving us trouble.

GABY: Really? That must make things difficult for everyone.

SHEPHERD 1: Yes, and every year it gets worse. That’s why we can’t wait for the Messiah to come.

GABY: I’ve heard this Messiah mentioned. Who is he?

SHEPHERD: No one really knows who he is or what he’ll look like, but there’s a prophecy that one day, a Savior will come and rescue his people.

GABY: So, you think he’ll come and overthrow the Romans?

SHEPHERD: That’s what we hope it means.

GABY: I see. Well, I should probably be leaving. Thank you for your help. (They all get up. The SHEPHERDS say goodbye and exit. GABY wanders back the other way.) So… is that what the Messiah is? Sounds like I should be looking for a soldier, or some kind of great warrior, at least. (The WISE MEN enter from the right.) Hm, these people look important. Maybe they’ll know where I can find the Messiah. (she goes up to the WISE MEN and bows.) Greetings! Have you heard of the Messiah? And, if so, can you tell me where he is?

(The WISE MEN look at each other, surprised.)

WISE MAN 1: We, too, are looking for the Messiah. We have heard that we are to find him in the town of Bethlehem.

GABY: Yes, that’s what I’ve heard, as well. But I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for.

WISE MAN 2: Why, a king, of course! The Messiah will reign over all the earth, and his kingdom will last forever!

GABY: A king? Well, from what I heard, Bethlehem is a small town. It should be easy to find him.

WISE MAN 3: No, you don’t understand. This is not just any king, this is a baby king!

GABY: Wait, so all this fuss is over a baby? And how do you know he’ll even be here?

WISE MAN 1: We’ve been following the star. See? (points. GABY looks, and jumps in surprise.)

GABY: But - but that’s Michael, the archangel - oh…

WISE MAN 1: What was that?

GABY: Oh, nothing!

WISE MAN 2: Do you believe us now?

GABY: Well, I guess I’m still not sure what all this fuss is about, or even who this Messiah is! - whether he’s a warrior, a king, or just a baby! - but he must be something important. I’ll help you look for him.

WISE MAN 3: Thank you very much. (WISE MEN exit.)

GABY: I’m still very confused, but I suppose I should start looking. (As she wanders around, looking in all sorts of amusing places, MARY and JOSEPH enter. MARY is holding the baby JESUS, wrapped in GABY’S shawl. They make their way to center stage and MARY sits down, with JOSEPH watching over her. GABY, meanwhile, is still looking, and happens to glance up.) My shawl! Oh! A baby… (she makes her way up to MARY and JOSEPH, who look up.)

JOSEPH: Hello, again.

GABY: Hello! Is this your new baby?

MARY: Yes, he is.

GABY: Oh, how wonderful! What’s his name?

MARY: His name is Jesus.

(GABY suddenly goes pale as the realization of who this baby is hits her)

GABY: Jesus. That means… “God saves”… Oh! (she falls down on her knees in utter astonishment) This… baby… is God Almighty, Creator of the Universe… I am not worthy. I cannot look at him!

MARY: No, you don’t understand. Yes, this is God, but He became human so that we could look at him. So that we could know Him better. So that He could save us.

GABY: To save us… the Savior? (She cautiously raises her head, and gets up.) God… a baby?

MARY: (smiling and holding baby JESUS out) Would you like to hold him?

GABY: I - sure… (she gently takes him and rocks him back and forth, turning to face the audience) Hello there… little one. I’m sorry, I just never thought I’d be holding God in my arms… Do you remember me? It’s me, Gaby. You know, the one who’s always late for everything? I’m glad I wasn’t too late for this, though… We’re going to miss you back home, you know. But why would you become a baby? If you came to be a king, and to save your people from the Romans, then why didn’t you come are you are? As a human, you could get killed if you aren’t careful! Why would you sacrifice yourself just to save them for a little while? Oh… A sacrifice. Oh, I think I understand now. You didn’t come to be a king, you came to be a sacrifice! And not just to save people from the Romans, just for a little while, but to save them from their sins, to save them forever. To be the ultimate and final sacrifice, so that he who accepts your gift will be free from sin and eternal punishment, and can live with you in your heavenly kingdom forever. And not just one kind of people either, but everyone who believes. What a plan! What a perfect, beautiful story! And it’s real! Oh, I have to tell someone. I have to tell everyone I can! Everyone has to know! Oh, baby Jesus, Oh most wonderful God… I love you.

(GABY turns, and hands baby JESUS back to MARY.)

MARY: Done already?

GABY: Oh, I could have held him forever, but I have to tell others about this wonderful news!

(As GABY runs forwards, the SHEPHERDS enter.)

GABY: (spreading her arms wide, the glory of God shining all around them) Shepherds! Listen to me! (the SHEPHERDS cower, terrified) Do not be afraid! I have great news to tell you! The Savior is born today! He is Jesus Christ, the Lord! God has come down to earth in human form so that he could live and die as a perfect sacrifice to take away your sins.

SHEPHERDS: (all talking at the same time) A Savior? That’s wonderful! A baby? Here in Bethlehem? Where can we find him?

GABY: This will be the sign, that you will find him wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. Go now, to worship him. Emmanuel - “God is come”. This… this is Christmas.

(As the SHEPHERDS make their way to the manger, the ANGEL CHOIR enters, and starts to softly hum “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”.)

GABY: (freely, but keeping up with the music) “Hark! The herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn King! Peace on earth, and mercy mild. God and sinners reconciled…” (goes down and joins the rest of the choir as they continue singing as follows:)

“Joyful all ye nations rise!
Join the triumph of the skies!
(SHEPHERDS join in. WISE MEN enter and join in.)
With the angelic host proclaim,
Christ is born in Bethlehem!
Hark! The herald angels sing,
Glory to the newborn King!”



I like it!! It's really

I like it!! It's really cute and sweet. Gaby's funny. :)
"Sing as if no one is listening;
Dance like no one is watching;
Live as if you will die tomorrow;
Love like it will never hurt."
-Old Irish Saying

Clare Marie | Tue, 04/14/2009

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." -Bilbo Baggins [The Lord of the Rings]

This was really good!

This was really good!
Just one question, how do you pronounce Gaby?
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Kendra | Tue, 04/14/2009

"Are you sure this water is sanitary? It looks questionable to me! But what about bacteria?"--Tantor the elephant from Tarzan.


Glad you like it!

I pronounce it like Abby. Maybe I should spell it "Gabby" because that means "talking a lot" - which she does! But I was also thinking of a shorter form of Gabriel, so I'm not sure...

Sarah B. | Wed, 04/15/2009


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