The Value of Bible study

An Essay By Sarah L // 10/23/2007

Many of my friends and me included, have carried a Bible around since we turned old enough to read. Whether we knew what to do with it, or actually read it did not really matter as long as we got a sticker for bringing it with us to church. I only started to appreciate and love to read the words of the bible when obeying God became the main goal of my life. His words came alive to me. God’s Word links me the closest to something substantially representing God. People taught me so many details about “studying” the Bible and really “getting things out of it.” Some people do not always have the time to take out a commentary or dictionary, or read each verse and talk with God about the full meaning of it. Something totally new always pops out to me about God’s Word, or I get totally different ideas than I had before, when I take the time to carefully study. Group Bible-studies profited me well when I did not have much time or the concentration to study by myself. Bible study will better able a person to defend their faith to others. Memorizing foundational verses, reading through whole books at one time and then going back and read the individual verses slowly for comprehension, and reading verses all based on one topic constitute three excellent ways to study the Bible. When done regularly every day, bible-study equips a person to grow tremendously in God.


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