i don't even know.

An Essay By sarahalisonstargirl // 7/7/2009

an hour break between classes...first day of the winter quarter....i walked to the student center with my friends and set my bag down on a table, reaching for my cellphone.  sudden panic flew across my face as i realized that it wasnt in my only pocket....so i began to dig through my bag.  Christa sat watching me with the "what are you doing this time?" look. 
"I can't find my cellphone!" I freaked, slamming books down on the table, then checking my pocket again.  "Watch my stuff..." and i took off.  Great....the best time to lose a cellphone, during the busiest hour of the day, right? all that traffic...what if someone took it... I ran back to the PA and inside, almost into my friend AJ. 
"What's wrong?" he asked. 
"I lost my cellphone!"
"you lost Bumblebee already?" he laughed, "well he shouldnt be that hard to find, he IS hot pink..." his voice trailed off.  I hurried and took a drink of water, then said goodbye and took off again, following my own path.... nothing.  I couldnt find him anywhere.  Seriously... so i walked back to the student center, wondering if christa had found him....i walked into the lunchroom and dejectedly up to the table.  and Christa pulled my cellphone out of my purse.  I pressed my lips together.  I nodded, took the cellphone, and then walked over to the wall and stood there for a minute, trying to calm down. Mrs. Herndon sat laughing.  Well....at least he is now back in my hands.  lol....
today i didnt pack a lunch, so i had to try and find food at grandmas...not the easiest thing.  i dug in the freezer and found some precooked turkey which i tried to fry, but that didnt go so well....that was after i discovered that the little brown things in the mashed potato mix were bugs.  so i cooked a can of progresso soup, which was pretty much disgusting......i guess i'll stick to swiss chocolate;)
anyhoo....it's cold, and i have a twenty-two page sylubus and calander to read before the pop quiz tomorrow.  Spanish is either going to be really good or really bad...i just hope i pass.
i dont want to do homework right now....*sighs* 
so yeah. that was my day so far.....


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