A Pirate Song

A Poem By Shane // 6/14/2007

Before I start, I wish to add a small introductory note:

Pistachio the Pirate and his wife Georgianna are characters in a story I'm writing. While not really Pirates in the terms of thievery, they have much that resembles your traditional stereotypical fictional pirate. It's a song sung by the two of them thus their names in the parentheses.

(Pistachio the Pirate)
"A pirate's life is what I want.
It's what I want to be!
A pirate ship! A pirate captain! That's me!"

"A pirate's life! A pirates wife!
It's what I want to be!
A pirate ship, with my pirate captain.
Upon the open sea. That's me!"

"We're pirates!
We're pirates!
It's what we want to be!"


You're great. :)

You're great. :)

Emily | Sat, 01/09/2010



Shane | Sat, 01/09/2010

It reminds me of the viking

It reminds me of the viking song on VeggieTales.

Bridget | Sat, 01/09/2010

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