Fiction By Shane // 11/28/2002

It was a dark, cold, room. Inside was a lone piano.
At the piano sat a young girl. Her hands made their way across the hills and valleys of the keys. A few sheets of music lay scattered about. I happened to notice a pen resting on the end of the piano. Suddenly she stopped playing and picked up the pen and began to write on one of the sheets. Slowly, without a word, she began her soft playing again. Still watching, I notice tears begin to form in her eyes. Whatever it was that she was playing, it was stirring something deep within her soul. With a quivery voice she starts to sing, and in a strange way her voice fills the room. Enveloped in a beautiful melody, I wonder if I will want to go back out into the snow. A single light, one that was hanging from the ceiling, illuminates the piano. The song comes to an end. Again I watch as she makes another adjustment. She begins to play the part again. Without a word another girl comes into the room, this time with a violin. Accompanying her sister the other girl began the song I had just heard again. I turned and walked back outside, realizing that this was one of the most incredible moments I have ever experienced. Into the freezing cold I go, as I walk across the parking lot towards my car, I silently thank the Lord for this blessing.


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