An Essay By Shane // 9/4/2002

There are countless stories told to us without words.
Music and Artwork do this quite effectively.
When I find my gaze resting on a beautiful painting or my ears listening to the flowing notes of a piece of music, I can see or hear a story. Sometimes they are sad other times they are happy. Right now I have Michael W. Smith playing in the background; the song has an Irish sound to it, but somehow manages to bring about images of the American Civil War. Music has a way of showing feelings and thoughts that are sometimes hard to put into other forms of communication. Artwork can tell us what the World looks like to another person in a way we may not understand if the very same image was created using words. Sometimes we need other forms of communication to convey our feelings. I sometimes wonder what a World without music would be like? Dark, cold, silent, dreary, are a few words that come to mind to describe such a World. Sometimes I lie awake at night my thoughts and feelings creating a song inside my head, other times a painting. There are times however; words are necessary to describe the ways we feel.
Communication in all forms is very interesting, although, I myself find non-written forms most fascinating.


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