Dark Waters of the Restless Soul

A Poem By Shane // 8/17/2005

The trees swayed in the moonlight.
Dancing! Singing! Throughout the night.
The sounds of trees calling stirred the air
The water came up to meet them there.
Into a dome it formed itself surrounding all within.
Into the circle stepped a creature.
Who’s roar was like the wind.
Who was as quick and swift as shadow.
Who knew when all would come to an end.
The creature danced in the moonlight.
His mane flowing behind him like grass in the wind.

All was quiet.
All was silent.
Not a sound could be heard.
A soft voice started speaking.
And turned into a thunder of words!

The creature called forth angels
Who joined in the dance.
Gliding above the trees.
Watching, waiting, and wondering.

The creature left in silence.
Waiting until his return.

All then turned to darkness.
The angels had gone.
The trees stopped their song and dance.
The water had been removed.

Then there came one who
spoke of the creature.
With him came a child.

The child started singing and dancing.
And the trees resumed once more.
Then the sun came up over the trees.
And they sang and danced forever more.


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