Fiction By Shane // 1/1/2003

Just Remember That I always loved you dearly. He whispered in her ear. Just before he breathed the last
breath of life. He looked at his young wife, once more, before falling into a sleep that does not wake. Could it be possible that I am a widow? I’m still so young. He was even younger then I was… He loved me; I know I didn’t deserve him. I always thought she would grow old with him, and now he was gone. Now, I can only cry. He had spoken of his past and the many regrets that lined the paths he took. He was compassionate, and kind. He would get upset from time to time. He told me of before we married or even got to know each other, that he knew I was the one for him. He told me of how he had known for years, but didn’t pay much attention to it until he saw me in a store by surprise. He told how he had fallen in love with me in an instant. We didn’t speak much during the next few years; I married a man of silence.
Now he is a man of silence forever. He only loved me. He would cry if he thought he hurt me. I was touched by that. My life will never be the same, even if I was to marry again. He often mentioned that I had changed his life, just watching me for quite awhile. He said I just radiated the love of Jesus. He mentioned how I had inspired him to live, and to love, and to die. He said once that one of the greatest privileges he could think of was dieing for me. Now that he’s gone, he cannot. His health had been poor the last few years. His heart didn’t quite function correctly. He said how that did not change his feelings for me; he said of that heart I should always be healthy. I made a commitment to you. I did so before God and before men. He often said how he didn’t think I deserved him; he said he wasn’t good enough for me, that I should have married someone who did deserve me. Somebody who has loved me all the days of my life, someone who had not wasted his youth on the traps of Satan. I know he loved me more then I can comprehend right now, I know that he loved me so much. Sometimes I think that he cared too much about me. I just don’t understand why he had to die so young.


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