A Poem By Shane // 5/22/2004

Waking up in the world never is easy.
There is something each and every day that motivates one to arise and answer the beckoning calls of time.
However there is a day when one does not have reason to arise.
When times are bleak and the soul is black the last thing on one’s heart is to arise and greet the sun.
And yet there is one thing that keeps us on the path whether we should be dead or alive in spirit.
Love for others.
But there comes a day when the One who is loved falls into darkness and hope.
What then is there to live for?
Goodness perhaps.
There comes a day when the heart is a cold as stone on a winters evening and looks not for hope.
Shall one fall into darkness and despair?
Shall all hope be lost?
Or shall we look forward until tomorrow knowing that there is a hope beyond the sea?
Is life here all we live for or is there something more?
What motivates one to arise and sing?
Is it the promise of a new life where we shall see again?


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