An Essay By Shane // 12/5/2002

What is the real reason we are here? I wish I knew. Sometimes it feels like we have no hope. No, I think the human dilemma is a strange one indeed, where there is not hope, there is darkness. And darkness is not, generally speaking, a good thing. Sickness and death abound in a world without hope. Essential to hope is love. Without love, there is no hope, and without hope, there is no life. People where designed to be unique and we are here to love, and to hope! When darkness abounds, light is always just around the corner. When one cares deeply for another, they will often wish to give everything to the person they care deeply about, sometimes this even includes our very own lives. Sometimes we even care about others so much, that we give our lives, even for strangers. Even in my lifetime, I have seen this happen. I wonder what motivates us to do this? Do we see that life truly does have meaning, even if we loose it? Does one move on when tragedy strikes? Do we have that much of a love for one another? We are who we are. We have a reason to go on loving and hoping. We have much to be thankful in this country. We have heroes and solders that surrender their lives so that we may be free. We have our freedom, something which in modern society we seem to take, oh, so for granted. Freedom is something humanity has always strived to attain. Yet here we are still in bondage. I believe true freedom can only be found in Jesus Christ. The only time one is truly free is when he or she surrenders to the will of God. True Freedom.


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