Gollum's Poem

A Poem By Shane // 2/15/2004

(Formerly "When?" But I wrote it with Gollum in mind, and thus thought "Gollum's Poem" better described it's intentions.)

When the world fails you.
When the tears fall.
When the cries of a helpless soul reach deaf ears.
When nobody is there to listen.
When nobody cares.
When people are gone.
When all hope is gone.
When it is wrong.
When the wind blows through your heart.
When the rain crashes upon your head.
When you have tried and when you failed.
When your actions are never good enough for the rest of mankind.
When you search the world for something more.
When you find you are alone.
When you look upon a world gone invalid.
When you see the shadow.
When you see the flame.
When you see the end of the world.
When you see nothing.
When you see blackness.
When you see darkness.
When your candles flicker out.
When all you feel is a cold wind blowing through the remains of an empty soul.
When you find you are gone.
When it seems as though you have tasted death.
When you have felt bitterness.
When you have tasted the very bitterness of death thereof.
When your soul cries out for help and no one is there.
When you find yourself a lost and broken mortal being.
When you find there is no way out.
When you find you are as nothing.
When you are lost.
When you have no friend.
When you have no family.
When you cry.
When you feel as though you are nothing special.
When you feel as though you don’t amount to anything.
When you are dead though yet alive.



Hey there! I'm just wondering if this poem is published? I'm doing a poetry project and I needed a couple of published poems.

Anonymous | Fri, 11/23/2007


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