Grief and Hope

Fiction By Shane // 2/26/2003

A tear formed in her eye. She watched as he disappeared off into the fog. Would she ever see him again? This was happening all around the country. The love of her life was leaving. The wind howled. For an instant the world seemed to fall apart. Could this really be happening? “This is America.” She thought to herself. “How did it come to this?” She knew that he could be like the many who go but never return. She longed for that one more conversation. That one more phone call. That last rose. Many of her friends where going through the same pain she was in… lonely, confused, forgotten.
She wished it hadn’t gone the way it did. She never really was given a reason for it.
It had just happened. And her heart was pulled out with it. At least that’s the way it felt to her. She now sat on the steps of her front porch crying. About an hour later she went inside, totally exhausted though much to heartbroken to sleep.
“Maybe he will be one of the few who will return.” She told herself. She had lost her parents when she was 15 years old in a car crash. She had taken care of herself for the most part. She had taken a job at the local surveyors office as a Data Entry Specialists. She had met the young man she had just said goodbye too a few years ago, they had developed a friendship, over the course of the next few years they gradually
fell in love with each other. It was the best thing that had happened to her in a long time.
Now he was gone. Far away…
Such is war.


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