Hall Wandering.

An Essay By Shane // 9/29/2002

Wandering the halls I came upon a room.
Inside was another person. I only stayed in a minute but I will carry the memory with me forever. Inside was a smile. A smile greeted me. A smile unlike any other I have seen. I have seen many smiles some genuine others fake. This one was somehow different. Upon this persons face was a smile of pure happiness. I have never seen such a delightful face. The person may have been in pain. Pain like I have never experienced. Yes this room is a mystery to me. How can a person be in so much pain and still be happy? I will never understand that. Words can't quite express it. As quickly as I had arrived in the room I had to leave. I wanted to stay but I couldn't. I turned and left the room. As I boarded the elevator I was thinking of that smile and how selfish I have become. I have no pain and yet I am not happy the way this person was. Sometimes I wish I could take the pain away so that the other person could be happy. That's what were here for, is to make other people happy. Isn't it?


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