I Miss You...

A Poem By Shane // 10/29/2002

She was a sweet person.
She was simple in style.
Christ-like in character.
A smile was always present.
She was a person.
Jesus was her passion
You could see it on her face.
She was peaceful and calm,
She had a way about her.
Things are different now.
The cry of my heart is at my door.
And I’m not home anymore.
I know you are in a better place
You’ve met His loving embrace.
Someday we will meet again.
I’m crying inside.
Dieing inside.
The sky is dark
The weather cold.
My heart beats against my chest.
I am traveling down a lonely path
Across the snow my footprints are left.
I think of when she was there.
Her footprints would have been here.
Her and I used to walk side by side on these cold winter days.
A tear comes to my mind as I think of her.
Her smile is in my mind.
I remember when we met.
She was 16.
It was love at first sight.
I still miss her.
She lived for God.
She was the best thing that ever happened to me.
She was a glimmer of hope in a World of darkness.
I look back down at the snow again.
A tear falls.
When she died, I was at the end of myself.
I loved her.
She loved me.
We were two people side by side.
The World could not separate us though it tried.
I stand over her grave.
I place some flowers on the stone.
She loved flowers.
I wish we could have known each other longer.
I remember the first time we held each other’s gaze.
It wasn’t even on purpose.
Maybe it never is.
I remember slipping the ring on her hand.
It was the first time.
She and I would go to church every Sunday morning.
We would often laugh, sometimes cry.
We loved to worship the Lord together.
I remember the day she and I met at the alter.
I had tears then too.
I am sad to live this World alone.
I wish I could still see her.
Hear her laugh.
Listen as she whispered.
Cry as she cried.
Laugh as she laughed.
Now I must cry alone.
Someday we will meet again.
I miss you...


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