Melodrama Part Two

Fiction By Shane // 2/2/2003

Ian woke up at 6:30a.m. With a yawn he groggily got out of his bed, walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. With another long, loud, yawn he opened the refrigerator door and grabbed some bacon and eggs and headed for the stove.

Hearing noises Elaine walked out into the kitchen and exclaimed “Ian, what do you think you’re doing?” With a determined look she continued, “I thought you where on a diet?” With that she turned back and stormed back into the bedroom.

“What’s eating her?” Ian thought. “Maybe she had a bad dream or something.” He then resumed his cooking. After devouring his scrumptious breakfast he prepared to head to his job.

Shane had written a song just before he went to bed the night before. The song was called “He Will Be There for You.” It went like this:

Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.
He will be there for you

When your down and you don’t know what to do.
He will be there for you

When the whole world comes tumbling down.
He will be there for you.

When late at night you start to cry.
When thoughts of pain invade your mind.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. Yeah.
He will be there for you.

When you cannot sleep.
When life seems down.
He will be there for you. Yeah
He will be there for you.

When your mind wonders along the way.
When you don’t know what to do. Yeah.
He will be there for you.

He was having great difficulty trying to get some music to go with it. He had spent the better part of the morning going at it. Shane never was very good at the music part. He then thought: “I wonder if Elaine would be interested in writing the music part for it?” He thought. “I know she has helped me out before.”

Poor Elaine had had a dream. A nightmare was more descriptive of it. In her dream she found herself falsely accused by Ian of a serious crime. It was so realistic. It had woken her up and put her in a testy mood. Especially with Ian

Heather had eaten some toast for breakfast. “It’s going to be busy today” she said to herself. “I’ve got to remember to stop by the bakery later and buy some French bread.”

Ian had arrived at the office and was busy working on his idea. “Last Cup of Tea" was playing on the radio. He was looking forward to dinner that night. But then again, he looked forward to dinner every night. It was his turn to cook. “If only computers could cook.” He laughed at the thought of it.

Shane had to play at a wedding that afternoon. One of his friends was getting married and had asked Shane to do the music. Shane said he would. He looked at his watch. “10:00.” He said. “Still a few more hours. I think I’ll call Elaine and see if she wants to take a look at that song now.

Elaine was on her way out the door for a walk when the phone rang.
Walking over to the telephone she picked up the receiver and said “Hello”
Shane said “Hello! Elaine, I wrote a song last night and was wondering if you would like to help me with the melody, I’m really stuck here.” “Sure” replied Elaine. “I’d love to, I need something else on my mind anyway. What time would you like to come over?“
“Would now be ok?”
“I was just on my way out the door for a walk, but I can do that later, so Yeah, I guess it would be just fine.”
“Ok then, see you in a little while.”
He wrote a quick note for Heather telling her where he was and headed for the door.

Elaine was glad Shane was coming over. She really needed a diversion from here dream.
She sat down at the Piano and started getting “warmed up.”

Ian was busy typing away like usual when someone came in the room.
“Hey George!” Said Ian. “How’s it going there?” “Just fine.” Replied George. “Say Ian, how’s your project coming along. I understand it could be quite a breakthrough if it works.”
“It’s going pretty slow. I really could use some help. But since I have to create the language, the tools, etc. etc. etc. I have to do it by myself, At least in the early stages.”

Heather had entered the Bakery and was hit wit the aroma of freshly baked bread, as well as the aroma of the ones in the ovens. She walked over to the counter. “Hello, what can I get for ya?” said the guy behind the counter. “Some French bread please.” “I’m sorry but we don’t have any French bread right now. I just sold it to a guy not ten minutes before you came. If you’d like you can wait while I bake some, but it’ll be awhile.”
“Yeah, I think I’ll do that. Do you mind if I use your phone to let my brother know I’m going to be late?” “No, not at all, go right ahead. It’s right in the hall there.”
With that she called Shane. She got the answering machine. “Hey Shane.” She said in her message. “French bread wasn’t ready so I’m going to be awhile. I’ll see you later. Bye.”

Elaine and Shane where busy exchanging ideas, improvising, and experimenting with different styles. They finally settled on upbeat style. About an hour later they had a general idea on what they wanted the song to sound like.
“I like it Shane.” Said Elaine. “I really do. I think we might be able to write a nice song here.” “What do you mean” Replied Shane. “You should have heard yourself last night.”

Ian had taken his lunch break and was back at the computer. Suddenly he received a notification that he had new e-mail. He checked it out to see what it was. It was from the company President. It said that he really liked what he heard of Ian’s Idea and is willing to give some overtime. Ian would have loved to have taken the overtime, however he wrote back and said how that probably would not be a good idea because he would get tired and probably make more mistakes which in turn would cost the company quite a bit of money. He sent the reply and continued with his work.

The wedding had gone by quite well. The bride reminded him a great deal of Elaine, a fact that puzzled him greatly.

Heather Was tired of waiting for the Baker, but she had told him she would wait.
Two hours later she left the bakery with three loaves of French bread. The baker gave her two extra because she had to wait so long.
She decided to drop one of them off over at Ian and Elaine’s house.

Elaine had washed the dishes and was busy waiting for Ian. The weather had proved much to cold for a walk. She was a little embarrassed by what she said to Ian that morning. “Poor guy.” She thought. “Probably doesn’t even know why I was upset.”

Heather had pulled in Elaine and Ian’s driveway. She carried one of the loaves over to Elaine who by this point had come to the door. After a few minutes of small talk, they said there goodbyes and Heather turned and walked out to the car.

Shane arrived home and checked the messages. Heather said she would be a little late.
So Shane decided to get on the computer. Navigating to his favorite message board, he stopped in and said hello to all the people there.

Ian was finally on his way home. Turning on to Cortland St. He drove past the surveyors’ office. Shane had talked about visiting the place on occasion.
He was soon at his doorstep waiting for Elaine to unlock the screen door.
Not an easy thing to do in February.

Elaine had placed the bread on the table, and had gone to do some catching up on some paperwork when she heard the doorbell. “That’s probably Ian ringing because I forgot to unlock the screen door.” As she opened the door and unlocked the screen door she rolled her eyes at her forgetfulness. “Hi Ian. Did you have a nice day at work?” “Yeah!” Replied Ian. “The president of the company said he liked the idea I’m working on.”
“That’s wonderful!” replied Elaine. “Heather stopped by with some bread earlier!”
“Great, Now I don’t have to cook dinner!” Ian said playfully. “Really though. What do you feel like eating?” “How about some soup?” Suggested Elaine. “Ok. How about Alphabet soup?” Answered Ian. “Ok. I was planning making that later in the week but we’ll have that tonight.” Answered Elaine as She headed for the kitchen.


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