Reflections On Pavement.

A Poem By Shane // 9/1/2002

The hot pavement is an eternal distance under my feet.
The sky is an infinite more.
My mind wanders as if it is approaching a black hole.
Flute, Drums, Bass, and Guitar are playing a melody in my ears.
Behind me is darkness. In front of me there is light.
The heat waves distort the horizon the icy wind blows behind me.
I’m standing there absorbing it all.
My heart tells me one thing my mind another.
The sound of a dog barking is in the air.
A cat is sleeping on the porch of a nearby house.
The sounds of birds accompany the flute quite well.
The sky is blue, the ground arid, and the air is humid.
I am on a journey through time.
The pain of the last few years is at my feet.
The hope of the next few years is on my heart.
I try not to rush this journey too much,
as one has no understanding of the end.
I cannot go back; forward is a universal
direction on this lonely road.
I see other people happily engaged in activities,
rushing about to and from.
The pavement stretches on into the horizon.
I am where I am, moving along at a rather slow pace.
It has taken me 17 years to reach this far.
Yet my journey has just begun.
Such is life itself.


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