A Poem By Shane // 1/23/2006

Silently he watched as the snow fell around him.

He held the white petaled rose in his hands, then sighed and tossed the rose on the cold ground, petals uniting with tears, snow, and stone.

Rays of light shown down from the heavens landing upon the wings of angels, the forms of saints, and stone.

Looking up he saw the sun, amid his tears he smiled gently, thought of her and listened.

Hear now the voices of angels crying.
Hear now the sound of the wind.
Watch as the sun is lost to darkness and all is gone.

With the heart of one lost to love and death he was left to wander the world alone.

With silence and a broken spirit being all that remained.

He thought of his love and her love of life. Now all was cold, dark, and hard as the stone that lay at his feet.


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