The Fall of Lord Gildrein and The Dwarven King Hoargah

A Poem By Shane // 8/29/2006

“In days of old
When all was fair.
And Elves by the sea did abode.
Goanaath the wise looked into the mirror.
He saw a worn ship sail down a great river.
Upon it's deck stood a single elf in fear.
Not an arrow was left in his quiver.
Upon his face was a lonely tear.
As he looked he saw the elf fall.
As one final arrow hit him from the shore.
Such was the end of Manror the tall.
When the goblins started the Noemalnar war.
The Elves did avenge Him with the help of the Dwarves.
But Gildrein and Hoargah there met their end.
And so fell the great ring of Hoargah into the hands of the goblin king Maoreves.
And no longer does the bow of Lord Gildrein bend.”


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