Wandering Stranger

A Poem By Shane // 4/22/2006

Wandering silently in the night.
The moon and the stars by their silvery light.

Reveal a maiden fair.
With scarlet cloak and long golden hair

Riding through the darkness and many trees
Whispers, whispers, are heard in the leaves.

“Why does she flee?”
Behold the answer, that I do see.

Darkness follows her
A man clothed in black..

A man who sits upon a grand horse's back.

“Come here my love.” does he cry.
But in his voice there is a lie.

“Daughter of kings I shall make thee my bride.”
by no law does he abide.

Riding on our fair maiden still.
She knows his desire is not love, but to kill.

Then from the shadows a man dressed in white.
“Come with me. We shall escape him this Night.”

A choice for our Maiden of whom to trust.
A kind stranger or a shadow filled with lust?

“I choose the stranger, for he will lead me right.”
And behold her cloak became brilliant white.

Then in that moment she saw the face of her groom.
The shadow that followed would there meet his doom.

“Come my bride there is much yet to see.”
And they rode till they came to a tree.

“Look closely my love and you will see.
Just how dear you are to me.”

And in that day the two became one.
For in that day her battle was won.


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