What is Truth?

An Essay By Shane // 4/6/2003


What is truth?
Is it what the scientist says?
Is it what the newspaper says?
Is it what the teacher says?
Is it what I say?

Who can tell me where truth is?
Where is it?
Where has truth gone?

The scientist says to me The Earth is flat. The heavier the object the faster it falls.
The Newspaper tells me Our Country’s bad and the Enemy is good
The teacher tells me I evolved. That I’m special.
I tell myself I can have my own truth. Truth as accepted by my peers.

Still what is truth I ask?
Where can I find it?

Was it on a hill in the land of Judea?
Did the truth hang on a wooden cross?
Did the truth die and rise again?
Did the truth set me free?
I open the Bible and find what I am looking for.
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. No man can come unto the father but through him.

That is the truth.
Jesus is truth.


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