Someone Else You Will Be Cool, by Mindy B.

An Essay By Anonymous // 4/7/2001

As I sit here thinking about this subject I know that many times I have tried to be like someone else thinking it will get me a friend or that I wont stick out like a sore thumb. Everytime I do this I think why I am I doing this. If my friends can not except me the way that I am then they are really not my friends. They only pretend to be my friends so that they can get something out of the mix. Many time I hear someone dissing someone in the halls of my church building and i wonder what the person who is on the receiving end really is feeling like. I know that being on the receiving end can be more painful if you the person slamming you is suppose to be your friend. I once heard someone say " When you are trying to be like someon else then you are ruining God's plan for you." I know that being like someone else can make you feel better at the time but when things seem to be going right you end up hurting someone else by not being yourself. That someone might be your sibling or it just might be yourself. The only person you are really hurting the most is God. I sometimes try to imagine what God most feel like if when we are not being the person that he created him to be.

My challenge to everyone including myself is that we remember that God created us to be ourself not to be someone else. If we were all to be the same it would be pretty boring in the world. God made us all different so that we could complement each other in our strong and weak points.


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