To Have & To Hold

A Poem By SURPRISINGPERSON // 4/19/2020

A touch, a smile,
A faithful hand to hold.
Warm, kind and careful,
Not trying to be bold.
A love enduring,
Never to grow cold.
A safe, lasting shelter,
To keep you when you're old.

Strength for protection,
To shield you from harm.
There to keep you safe,
Forever free from alarm.
Warmth in mid-winter,
Shelter in the storm,
Love everlasting
Fated since you're born.

To have and to hold
A sweet love so true
Is a God-granted gift
For both me and for you.


Nice! Reminds me of our

Nice! Reminds me of our wedding vows. : ) Great job!

Allyson D. | Sun, 04/19/2020

Jill L. Boone

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

This is so beautiful - I can

This is so beautiful - I can read the trust in every line :) Love it, friend!

Libby | Thu, 06/04/2020

“The gospel alone is the power of God unto salvation.
Therefore, suffer, yes. Be misunderstood, yes. Be shamed, yes. But do not be ashamed. For the joy set before you, take up your cross, follow Jesus, be shamed and despise the shame!" -- John Piper


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