Clues, Pt. 2: The Prison

Fiction By Tahlia Grant // 7/14/2010

"You won't need this," one of the guards ripped the blood-stained bandage from Adron's shoulder as the prisoner was pushed into a small stone room. Underneath the cloth was the arrow wound he had been wearing when he'd first been caught, four days ago. The arrowhead was still in it.

" 'Cause if Cayd has his way you won't be around in a few days," another scoffed, yanking Adron's long, black ponytail. He took out a knife and shortened the hair with a few firm hacks, then held up his prize. "Would y' look at that pretty mane. This'll make a pretty penny at the wigmaker's."

Adron's jaw tightened, but he was silent.

"Is he ready for the mark?" Cayd barked from the doorway behind them.

"Yes, sir," the guards stood back to make room for their captain.

Cayd wasted no time taking out a dagger, and, with the quick precision of experience, slashed an 'X' on Adron's forehead. He stepped back in satisfaction.

"I've always wanted to do that to you, old friend. I think it's about time you were caught. But -I hope you realize that with a sentence like this, no one cares if you live or die."

Adron said nothing.

"Is there anything you want me to put down as your last words?"

No response.

"Very well. Turn him around," Cayd motioned to the guards. "Then leave the room. Our captive seems to be content with his fate."

The room was soon empty except for the two of them. Cayd guided his prisoner to a far corner and put the tip of his dagger on the back of Adron's neck.

"One last chance, Adron. You know I know what happened. I could stop this."

"Coral's safe," Adron said tonelessly. "You don't need to know where she is."

"I can still get you out of here, old friend."

"You want to kill me. I don't think that would change. You'd get what I don't want you to have, and I'd just mysteriously die the day before my release."

Cayd cocked an eyebrow.

"I'm not fixed on your death, Adron. You're useful in other ways."

Cayd received no answer.

"Is there a reason you want death, Adron?" he withdrew the dagger and turned the prisoner around, slamming his back against the wall. Adron grimaced, fresh blood flowing from his shoulder.

"My reasons are my own, Cayd. Why aren't you killing me?"

"First I want to know why you're not afraid to die!" Cayd snapped.

"Why should I be?" Adron closed his eyes briefly. "Have I done anything that I should regret?"

Cayd stared at him darkly.

"Turn around."

Adron did so.

Cayd put the dagger back on Adron's neck.

"Very well. We'll see if you really don't fear Death when you meet him."



Woa-woa-woah! I don't know how I managed to miss this story before, but I can tell you right now, after reading the first two parts in a rush of excitement: I'm hooked!!! What's going on? Amphibian? Kidnapping? "Old friend" from a guy who wants him dead? GET THE REST PUBLISHED SOON, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL--sorry if I seem a bit hyper, but this story sounds amazing and I can't wait to see where it goes.

LoriAnn | Wed, 08/11/2010

Thanks ...

Heeheeheeee ...glad you enjoy. Working on the next few parts ...

(btw, 'amphibian' was just name-calling ;)

Tahlia Grant | Thu, 08/12/2010


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