Delays, Delays, Delays

An Essay By Tahlia Grant // 12/6/2011

My apologies to everyone who's been waiting for another post for the past three months and has not received one...

1) I am aiming to graduate this year and that entails quite a bit of work.

2) I'm a big sister, and many, if not most, of you know what that requires.

3) ...Nanowrimo. This may not be much of an excuse, but it would explain my absence at least this past month.

I hope to remedy the lack of writing within the next week or two ...Christmas season is relatively quiet around our house, so if I can get through my science for this semester (and I'll try to get math done too, to appease Mom -I'm way behind on that) you should be seeing a bit more of the gremlins and Tass -at least, the people he left behind *ducks rotten tomatoes*.

I hope to be back soon!




Come, come......

I was throwing rotten mushrooms! XD

Jackie West | Wed, 12/14/2011


Don't worry about it!

LOL! ditto to Jackie West :-P

Kassady | Tue, 12/27/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

this was last year

sorry if this comes across as rude, but, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO POST THE IMPORTANT THINGS!!!!
and that is all the fangirl i have the capacity for.

Aalen Fideli | Mon, 07/09/2012

Music I created

To Aalen Fideli...

When I have time. This whole summer-job and graduating business is taking up quite a bit of my days. Fear not, there's more written's just not making it online yet. ;)

Tahlia Grant | Sat, 07/21/2012


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