Tass -Pt. 16

Fiction By Tahlia Grant // 12/13/2010

(I must admit, the bits without Tass are my least favorite to write. X)

"What is going on?" Rynere demanded as Karoy took her firmly by the arm and led her through a maze of corridors to the outside. "Let -tell me what's happening! Danid!" she turned to the prince, who was determinedly looking straight ahead. "Danid! Tell me what's going on! Tass is going to get killed in there! Aren't you even going to try and help him?"

"Jixi can handle himself," Karoy said flatly.

"But he made a promise that he would let them hold him for six months!"

"He does keep his promises," Danid glanced at Karoy, as if trying to convince him to go back.

"Were there any provisos?" Karoy asked, taking the packs that had been tossed to them by a guard and handing one to Danid.


"Did he add any conditions to the promise?"

Rynere was quiet for a moment.

"He did say that he'd do it unless one of you was hurt."

Karoy looked pointedly at the bruise that was slowly spreading over Danid's jaw.

"Exactly how picky does Tass get?" Rynere questioned.

"Very." Karoy said shortly. "Danid's only known him for twenty-five years, and he'll agree with me."

"How long have you known him?" Rynere asked suspiciously.

"My whole life," Karoy said shortly. "Which is more than forty years."

"So what do you think he'll do?"

"Escape. When he's sure we're safely away."

"How? If he's being brought to the gallows now, he can't exactly wait until we've left -how far is to the border of wherever we are?"

"Three days journey on foot, at least," Karoy answered.

"Then how -"

"I'll leave that to him. But he can handle himself. Let's concentrate on getting ourselves out of here."

It was almost dark when they left the castle. A few miles later, the travelers' only light was a few twinkling stars -those that could be seen through the trees of the forest.

"We're stopping here." Karoy placed his pack on the ground in a small mossy clearing.

"How long are we going to wait for Tass?" Rynere asked.

Karoy looked at her sharply.

"We're not staying here any longer than we have to. We were ordered to leave. We're not waiting for anyone."

"Karoy!" Danid turned on him.

"Yes, sir?" Karoy turned to him.

"You know -he's saved your life -he's saved mine -I'm not leaving him to be hanged! How can you be so sure about all this? Has there ever been a point where he can't escape a situation at will? He's not infallible!"

Karoy paused.

"Yes ..." he said, reluctantly.

"Then why are you so content to leave him to his death?"

"Because somehow he's leaved through my generation and my father's and his father's generations!"

"How do you know that? Maybe it was just a ancestor who looked the same -Tass isn't nearly as old as that! Besides, Karoy, he's my friend -would you leave me like that?"

"It's a different situation. You're royalty."

"It doesn't matter!"

"Yes, it does. Your father would remove my head if you were injured. Tass is not my responsibility. We're going to stay here. Tass will find us if he can. If not, we'll move on."

"Karoy -"

"Can we just rest for the night and argue in the morning?" Rynere cut in. "I'm tired! Today I've been captured by bandits, re-captured by soldiers, watched my 'guard' get taken to the gallows, and who knows what you two have gone through together -but you're still arguing as if you were deciding the fate of the world!"

Danid's suddenly looked at her, as if he had forgotten she was there. And he didn't look happy about the fact that he'd been interrupted.


After a cold dinner from one of the packs, Rynere took a blanket and curled up beneath a tree. Danid and Karoy were on the other side of the clearing -Danid sitting up, Karoy standing.

The last thing Rynere saw was a sliver of moon peeking through the trees.



Why do you have to leave your readers hanging like this? It's not FAIR! :(

Jackie West | Fri, 12/17/2010


The reports of Tass from those around him don't seem to match up with how he appears. Like Mr. Darcy.

Anna | Fri, 12/17/2010

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


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