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Age: -30

Favorite word(s): elmo, antagonism, dynamite, insane, thing, werewolf, combine, earth, Bob, spin, Nemo, DillyMcBob, ThingaMcgig, Dillyhopper, Igmo, doodle, Termination, Obliteration, spot and bib.

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

Normal 0 I have made the pronouncement to change my information on Apricotpie. However, it seems that I have not much to say about myself. Not that I don’t know myself, merely that I am having a succinct moment of Writer’s Block. I have come to the conclusion that most people come to this point in their lives as creative writers. Nevertheless, I have absolutely no appreciation for the concept of not being able to express one’s self. In fact, I find it ludicrous! Nonsensical! Preposterous! It has to be none other than the most awful thing in this spherical world! So, I feel it necessary to evolve this speech for all the others of whom have this preposterous disease! Live on! And live well!



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